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Auto Insurance in Maine

Are you looking for information about auto insurance in Maine? In this simple guide you can find the information you need to get protected and avoid penalties for non-compliance with the law. Read on to find out about your legal requirements regarding liability insurance, no-fault insurance, and uninsured driver coverage.

Auto Insurance in Maine

Liability auto insurance is mandatory in the State of Maine. Drivers must obtain the necessary liability insurance and they must carry proof of their policy in their vehicle.

You must be able to prove you have compliant auto insurance when you register a vehicle. The Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) will ask to see an insurance company issued proof of coverage card before they allow registration.

According to state law, your insurance company has to notify the government if your policy is canceled or lapses for any reason. Once the BMV is notified, the Secretary of State will request that you show proof of insurance. If you cannot prove that you have compliant auto insurance within 30 days, your vehicle will lose its registration.

Minimum Liability Auto Insurance in Maine

Your liability auto insurance must cover at least:

- $50,000 bodily injury per person
- $100,000 total bodily injury per accident
- $25,000 total property damage per accident

If you are wondering whether this level of coverage will adequately protect you in the event of an accident, most experts would say no. While you may be limited by your budget, it is wise to seek a higher standard of coverage for yourself and your passengers. Finding affordable coverage is easy if you enter your zip code in our form on this page and select from the best quotes.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Auto Insurance in Maine

Maine currently requires auto insurance policies to cover at least $100,000 worth of bodily injury for each accident involving an uninsured or underinsured driver. That works out to $50,000 per person at a minimum of two people.

Maine expects drivers to carry uninsured motorist coverage that is equal to the amount of liability coverage they have. However, in some cases drivers may sign a rejection form and file it with your insurance company. This would allow you to obtain higher amounts of liability coverage, assuming that your UM/UIM coverage still meets the $50,000/$100,000 requirement.

No-Fault Auto Insurance in Maine

Maine is not a no-fault state.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

Maine does not require traditional personal injury protection insurance. However, the state does ask drivers to have medical payments coverage worth at least $2,000. This kind of insurance covers funeral and/or medical expenses for people in your car at the time of an accident.

SR-22 Requirements

Drivers are expected to file an SR-22 document when they are ready to apply for reinstatement of their driving privileges.

Maine’s DUI Laws

Three kinds of penalties may apply to any driver that is convicted of a DUI for the first time:

- Up to 30 days imprisonment
- $500 fine
- 90-day license suspension

Additional Information about Auto Insurance in Maine

Do you still have questions about auto insurance in Maine? You should contact the Maine Bureau of Insurance at (207) 624-8475. You can also visit their website at

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